The Tidy Tack Room Maintenance System.

The 21 day organisation system was designed to get your tack room clean, tidy and decluttered. Now it is an organised system working for you, you want to keep it that way.

We designed the system to be 21 days so you get in the habit of spending 10 minutes a day on your tack room. Now your tack room is ready and you are in the habit we can move onto to a system that keeps it the way.

The maintenance system is based on you putting everything away in its proper place after you have used it, so your tack room stays tidy. Using this system will help you keep everything clean and organised and on top of everything. As there are 2 free days a week you can use these for doing the seasonal jobs, such as sorting rugs for cleaning and then putting them away when they are ready to be stored.

This maintenance system is designed for you to spend 10 minutes a day 5 days a week on you tack room, Making sure you are staying on top of all those little jobs, like cleaning your riding boots and hat, as well as keeping everything dust and cobweb free and organised. Leaving the other 2 days free for whatever you need to do. For example on competition days etc.

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