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With so much on offer nowadays it can be very hard to know what we really need in our tack rooms, and what is nice to have. We have put together a handy guide to help you make sure you have everything you need in your tack room.

  • Saddle racks – These come in many different forms and varieties, you can get metal or wooden ones. Wall mounted or free standing, as well as lockable security ones. It really comes down to personal preference, style and budget. Make sure you get each of your saddles their own peg – it is not recommended to store saddles on top of each other. If you are going for the wall mounted ones, we would also recommend a free standing on too, for cleaning your saddle on.
  • Bridle pegs – Again these come in a huge variety and it really is again done to personal preference, style and budget. If you want an easy money saving solution then a simple nail in the wall will do a good job.
  • Tack cleaning kit – A basic bar of saddle soap and a couple of sponges will suffice, however there is again a plethora of cleaning products available in many different forms from bars, to sprays, to tubes and wipes. The wipes are very handy for keeping in the show kit for a last minute wipe over, but for a good regular clean the bars, tubs, sprays or tubes are better.
  • Vet kit – To start with the basics are vet wrap, wound powder, scissors, thermometer, strong tape (gorilla tape is great) gamgee, poultice roll, salt, purple spray, hibi scrub and a syringe. You can buy ready made vet kits online and at your local tack shop. As you progress you can build up your kit and find products that work really well for you and your horse .
  • Grooming Kit – The essentials are body brush, dandy brush, hoof pick, curry comb, sponges/wet wipes, mane comb and a bag or box to store it in. Again you can buy ready made up grooming kits and there are hundreds to choose from, it really is a case of going out and finding the ones you like most. As you go along you will add to your grooming kit with your own favourite products.
  • Shelves or racking – you will need somewhere in your tack room to put everything and it is much easier if it is stored neatly in an easy to get and use way. It is also a good idea to keep things off the floor to help prevent mice etc chewing them. You can get racking from local DIY shops, garden centres or Argos.
  • Boxes/bags – store everything in clearly labelled bags or boxes, to protect from dust, damp, cobwebs, sun damage and rodents. Having everything tidily packed away and clearly labelled will make life much easier and much less stressful, especially if you are tired, in a rush or having to get someone else to do your horse for you.

This is our must have list of basic essentials to have in your tack room, as you go along you will find more equipment you love and need and add to your collection. If you have any other tack room essentials please share them with us.

The Tidy Tack Rooms Team

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