Surviving the Shared Tack Room

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For those of you who are lucky enough to keep your horse at home or on a small, private yard and are therefore not familiar with the horror that lies within a shared tack room, you might wonder what the big deal is.

As a company with tidiness and organisation at its heart, opening the door to a shared tack room can often be compared to opening the gates of Hell themselves. Bit dramatic? Perhaps, but picture a severe lack of organisation, with everyone’s stuff scattered around the place—pure, unfiltered chaos.

Each person has their own little section and is supposed to stay within their boundaries. However, more often than not, there will be brushes, boots, whips and girths spilling out into the centre of the room just waiting to trip you up. Does this white saddlecloth belong to Cathy or Claire? No one knows anymore. What we do know is that there is a big dirty footprint in the middle of it, and no one seems to be owning up to it.

Things go missing. Things grow mould. Things get dirty. It’s not ideal and tacking up is always a real chore because no one can find anything.

So, how do we fix it?

A wise woman once said that you could only control what you can control. Meaning you can’t force everyone else to be tidy, so start with your own space.

We understand that space is often limited in a shared tack room, and you don’t necessarily have the luxury of installing shelves or hooks. So, read on to find out the best way to maximise your space, prolong the life of your kit and keep track of all your belongings.

Start by asking yourself these three questions…

1. What can you take home with you?

Obviously, you need to have your saddle, bridle, and the other things you use every day stored at the yard, but do you have an area at home, such as a shelf in a garage or a section in the cupboard under the stairs, that you could assign for horsey use? For example, you don’t need your heavyweight turnout rugs in the height of summer, nor will you need your fly sheets and masks in the winter.

We recommend folding them neatly, popping them into our Rug Storage Bags and storing them at home. The bags keep everything tidy and mean they are ready to grab and go as soon

as the weather turns. Storing them at home helps free up some space in your tack room and stops rugs from getting damp and mouldy when not in use.

2. How can you contain your kit?

Getting organised is the best way to keep everything tidy and confined within your assigned space. We have tons of great products to help with this, but our saddlecloth bags are among our favourites; in fact, our most frequently asked question is, “how can I store my saddlecloths?”. So, whether you’re just starting your matchy-matchy collection, or you’ve already got one in every colour, these bags are going to be a godsend in your shared tack room.

Each bag fits not one, not two, but ten saddle pads! You can even separate them into GP, Jump and Dressage to make it even easier to select the right set when tacking up, as each bag comes pre-labelled. In addition, these bags can be stacked or hung to ensure your collection stays clean and stays put.

3. Can you utilise space at your stable?

Our incredible Stable Bags are ideal for storing bit and bobs you use every day, and their easy hang strap means they can be easily hung on most stables (pssst, that means no one is going to trip over them!). This bag is the perfect place to store items like your grooming brushes, hoof picks, fly spray and hoof oil, aka. the things you might need even if you’re not riding. Having this bag outside your stable allows you to avoid the tack room of doom, saving you time on a quick visit to the yard.

Once you’ve answered these three questions, your section in the shared tack room will be tidy, accessible, and looking sharp. Your newfound organisation is guaranteed to catch the eye of a few fellow liveries and you never know; you might even start a tidy new trend.