Storing your rugs

When your rugs are ready to be put away there are many different ways of doing this and your way will depend on your space and preferences . It is a good idea to look into metal feed bins or rug containers as these are rodent proof, if you have a few of you perhaps you could buy one together – the metal feed bins are good for this as they come with compartments, so you could have one compartment each.

Shelving/racking is also a good way and means you can put the rugs on the top shelves and use the lower shelves for other equipment you use more often. Wooden cupboard/lockers with shelves are also a very good way of storing things. If you have limited space in the tack room, you may need to store them at home, again racking is good for this. If you are storing your rugs loose on shelves, be sure to check them every few weeks for mice/ rats nesting in them or chewing them.

If you have a lot of rugs you may wish to store them in their separate groups, for example field rugs together and stable rugs together . If you like this method then we have labelled bags that are waterproof, dust proof, dirt repellent and machine washable.

These work really well if you have a metal bin, box or cupboard you are storing them in, as you can put all the different types of rugs into their own bags, and easily find them next winter ready to use. These bags also cut down on the single use plastic. We can label the bags with anything, so if you prefer we can put sizes or weights of rug on instead. We can also put your name or your horses names on the bags too.

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