Saddlecloths – how do you store yours?

Posted on 23/02/2021 by Categories: Tidy Tack Room Hacks

order cytotec Saddlecloths are the bain of many tack rooms. They take up a lot of space and can easily get unorganised and out of hand.
It can be a nightmare trying to find the one you want, especially if it’s buried at the bottom of the pile. Also it can get even more complicated if you have different shaped saddlecloths for different saddles/disciplines.

Charleroi This problem was the reason why I started Tidy Tack Rooms. I needed a much better way to organise, store and protect my saddlecloths collection.
After investing so much money in my beautiful collection it made sense to look after it, and keep it in top top condition. The saddlecloth storage I created is beautiful, and so easy to use.

Manolo Fortich With each bag holding 10 saddlecloths you can easily store loads in a small area. The bags are stack-able and come labelled for easy organising and finding of your saddlecloths. With a huge choice of colours and styles, plus you can add personalisation or change the labels, to create a storage system that is as unique as you are. See the full range here.