Saddlecloth and numnah storage

Lets talk about how to store saddlecloths. A lot of us nowadays have discovered matchy,matchy and have, or are in the process of building a good collection up. All these beautiful saddlecloths pose a new problem………………how to store them. The saddlecloths are can be quite expensive and we want to keep them looking their best and usable for a long time. Below we will discuss various ways of how to keep your saddlecloths protected,a d clean when not in use.

There are lots of different ways of storing them, and most ways will be dictated by budget or space. If you have limited space in the tack room you may have to look at keeping some at home, and just a few at the yard, if you have an unlimited budget then you can look at a purpose built unit for storage.

Hanging: you can use trouser hangers and a clothes rail and hang the saddlecloths on this. Both the rail and hangers are available from IKEA at a very good price. This way of storing is very handy for being able to see all your saddlecloths and easily find the one you want. However it does not off the saddlecloths any protection from damp, dust or sunlight and does also take up a lot of space in the tackroom.

You can also get the hanging rug rails that have 5 rails on and hang your saddlecloths over the rails, each rail will hold a lot of saddlecloths, however it then makes it difficult to see what saddlecloth is where and also accessing them, as you would need to remove all the top ones to get to the bottom one, this way again does not offer any protection from damp, dust and sunlight. However it does take up less space and you can hang them on the wall, so it utilises unused space.

You can also make a hanging rail from an old broom handle and some baling twine, if you have rafters in your tack room you can loop the baling twine over them and the lower and raise the broom handle to access your saddlecloths. This way is super cheap to make and also uses the wasted space in the roof. You can put the baling twine through an old hosepipe to make sure it does not fray and snap when raising and lowering the broom handle. This method is also really good for drying wet saddlecloths and boots etc. However it can get very dusty and full of cobwebs up there, so if you are doing this method be sure to regularly de-cobweb and sweep the roof, to help keep your saddlecloths clean.

Stacking: Using shelves you can simply stack the saddlecloths on top of each other. You can get very good priced metal or wooden shelving units from most DIY shops and Groupon do also have some very good deals on them too.

The stacking works well because you can fit quite a few saddlecloths on one shelf and then you have other shelves for other equipment or the matching boots or bandages. It also means you can see all your saddlecloths and access each one, although it can be tricky getting the bottom one out without the stack collapsing. Again this way does not offer protection for damp, dust or sunlight, and also you need to regularly check to make sure that mice have not nested inside and are eating away at your saddlecloths.

If you have a tack locker stacking the saddlecloths inside there or a cupboard does offer really good protection from damp, dust and sunlight, as well as mice. However the tack lockers do take up a lot of space, but you can pick up very reasonable priced ones both new and second hand. If you put your tack inside and lock it, they also offer an extra level of protection against theft, for your tack.

Bags: We LOVE storage bags, they are really handy and keep everything together and neat and tidy. You can buy the big Dimpla bags from IKEA, however as these are clear they will not offer any protection against sunlight, so if you have a window in your tack room, just be aware that your saddlecloths are not in sunlight, as they can get sun bleached.

Again depending on how big your collection is and also how you wish to store it, you can get different bags for different types of saddlecloths. We offer JUMP, DRESSAGE, GP and CC bags. All labelled so you can store you saddlecloths according to type. We can also personalise the bags so if you wanted to store all your Eskadron together we can put Eskadron on the bag as well. The bags fro Tidy Tack Rooms are all heavy duty, with a double zip and carry handle. The are also waterproof and breathable, and machine washable. They also offer protection against sun damage/bleaching. As they come in a range of colours you can have one to match the rest of you kit.

Using bags is also good as they are very easy to transport, so if you are moving saddlecloths from home to the yard on a regular basis, bags will make it much easier to move a lot at once. They also hold a large amount of saddlecloths in a relatively small space.

If you like to see what is in each bag, we also offer clear plastic saddlecloth bags, these are waterproof, but again will not protect against sun damage. The other thing to bear in mind with the plastic bags is that if they are left in sunlight they will sweat and can in turn cause damp and then mould on the saddlecloths, so do not use any kind of plastic storage bag if you have sunlight streaming onto your saddlecloths.

The clear plastic storage bags from Tidy Tack Rooms can easily be hung up, so if you do store your saddlecloths on a rail then you can pop them into one of the clear bags for added protection.

Rug trunks and metal feed bins also work really well and offer very good protection, to make it easier to find and access your saddlecloths you could put them in bags inside a trunk or bin for extra protection and organisation. You can also get huge plastic boxes that will fit the saddlecloths in, these also work well if you are short on space as you can stack the boxes on top of each other. The only downside is that by stacking it is harder to get to the saddlecloths and easy to forget what cloths you have, although you can easily remedy this by putting labels on the outside of the boxes so you know what is in each one.

These are a few ideas we have come up with, if you have any more ways of storing saddlecloths please let us know.


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