This week is focusing on something a bit different – KINDNESS – I am a massive believer in RACKS – Random Acts of Kindness. Simply put it is doing something nice for a stranger, for no reason other than because you can. I try everyday to do at least one. They can range from letting someone out in front of you at a junction to telling someone you like their shoes. The point of them is bring a little kindness into someone elses day and make them feel good, it also connects you with people, and lets others know that there are nice people in the world and we are not alone. You never know who you might end up helping or how, the plus side is it also makes you feel good and what you put out you attract back, so Karma will come back around and you will find good things happening to you too. So this week i would like to challenge you to do the following:

Monday – Do a favour for someone at the yard, it can be something as small as giving their horse a hay net or skipping their horse out in the evening. Just a small gesture that will help to make their life slightly easier.

Tuesday – Pay someone a compliment, literally anything from how much their horses way of going has improved, to how good their hair looks today. Anything nice, its only small but will really help to make someone smile.

Wednesday – Say something nice to someone on Social Media. Compliment their riding boots, say their horse is a nice colour – Anything nice at all. Because wouldn’t it be good if we boosted each other up and celebrated each others success, rather than tearing each other down.

Thursday – Take time to make someone a cup of tea or coffee. A friend you haven’t seen for while, your parents, siblings. Just take the time to make time for someone and sit down and talk to them, spend a few minutes with them and enjoy each others company.

Friday – Send a text message to a friend telling them how fantastic they are, and how grateful you are that you are friends. We all need to hear this sometimes.

Saturday – This one is for you – take time today to tell yourself how fantastic you are, and how grateful you are for your life. We are our own worst critics and we can be so nasty to ourselves. Take time to be nice to yourself and appreciate your life.

Sunday – reflect back on the RACKS you have done this week and take a moment to focus on the positive effect it has had on you, and how good it made other feel. Plan how you can carry on doing this and add in small acts of kindness everyday to make your world a happier place.

Always remember. You can be anything you want in this world so be kind. ALWAYS

The Tidy Tack Rooms Team xox

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