Thrush and White Line treatment spray



Helps to treat and prevent thrush and white line disease

Contains Colloidal Silver

Anti fungal properties

Antibacterial properties

Easy to use spray bottle

In stock


Specially formulated to help treat and  prevent thrush and white line disease in hooves. It has germicidal, anti bacterial and antifungal protperties to protect and treat against the causes of thrush and white line disease. The Silver spray enhances the renewal of healthy frog tissue.

Directions for use :

1- Always shake well before any use.

2- Clean the horse’s frog, cleft and sulcus of the hoof thoroughly, and allow to dry

3- Spray the solution all over the hoof sole concentrating on the frog, sulcus and cleft.


Apply once a day to prevent thrush, or twice a day if treating thrush.

In case of white line disease, soak a swab with the product and insert it in the cavity, change the swab daily or spray  the product directly into the cavity.

Silver Hoof Care Key ingredients :

Colloidal silver – Essential oils – Excipients


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