The DIY Day

pleasurably £75.00 Do you really want to get your tack room back under control, but you don’t know where to start?

Edwardsville Have you tried many times before, but within a matter of days or weeks its back to being an unruly beast again?

Itaguaí Are you struggling with where and how to store everything? Do you know you can have a tack room that better suits your needs, you just don’t know how to create it?

The DIY Day is for you – as the name suggests this is a Do it Yourself day, with support and guidance from the Tidy tack Rooms Team.


We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and send us photos of your tack room. Using this we will create a plan for your day and a tack room layout and storage system, as well as product suggestions for you.


The day will start with a facetime call to talk you through the Simple Stress-free Storage System an exact 5 step process, created by Cassie, the founder and owner of Tidy Tack Rooms. This is the process you need to follow to get your tack room fully organised and also create a new storage system just for you.

Next you complete the first few steps, before another zoom call to help you with the remaining steps for rearranging and setting up your tack room. When you have completed the 5 steps there is a final call to talk you through strategies for keeping your new tack room tidy.

The day ends with your tack room completely categorised and organised perfectly for you.

You will have a new storage system that will save you time and lower stress, whilst protecting your equipment and maximising your space. Leaving you feeling calm, confident and in control.

Please note the price does not include any products.

·         Use our 5-step system to get your tack room under control

·         Full support available for the day

·         3 x Facetime calls

·         Pre planning on layout, set up and products

·         A plan in place to keep your tack room tidy and organised