Tack Room Reset


Our ultimate tack room transformation experience is a never-before-offered, in-person service that will banish the clutter to leave your tack room organised and your heart happy. 

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“I’m sure I saw those Mulberry bandages the other day?!”

 Are you knee-deep in clutter and sick of not being able to find anything? We have the answer, and there’s a bonus – we’re going to do the hard work for you!


 The Tack Room Reset – this where you get to hit the pause button and have your tack room totally transformed, into a tidy haven designed to get you into the best frame of mind for your ride.


So how does it work?

 Step 1 – We will start by sending you a questionnaire to fill out and we also ask you to send us photos of your tack room. This will help you to get really clear on exactly what you want from your tack room, what style you like, the system you need and also exactly what kit you have. This will then help the team to identify your pain points and create storage solutions for them, getting you the perfect system in place.


 Step 2 – A facetime call with Cassie to chat through everything and go over the ideas, options and storage ideas we have come up with. We will walk you through using your pictures, and discuss how we best recommend setting up your tack room, the products you need and also the time it will take to create.


 Step 3 – Cassie, our incredible Founder and Tack room stylist, will travel to your yard*, and literally do all the dirty work, using the Simple Stress-free Storage System to transform your tack room.


She’ll roll her sleeves up and get to work to ensure that everything is clean, tidy, and most importantly, organised in time for your next ride. Cassie will also implement an organised equestrian paradise bespoke to you. This service is available for every age, stage and level of equestrian, from a single horse owner to a busy competition yard. 

 At the end of the day Cassie will walk you through your newly organised paradise and show you how it all flows and runs to support you. She will also go through how to manage keeping everything tidy, clean and organised.


 Step 4 – 2 Weeks after your Tack Room Reset Cassie will follow up with another FaceTime call to check how everything is going and to answer any queries or questions you have.