Senior Plus




Senior Plus is made from natural ingredients specially formulated to support the organism of the elderly horse.

Properties of this supplement for ageing horses :

  • Support of the digestive, hepatic and, osteo-articular functions
  • Maintenance of the body condition
  • Boost to the immune system
  • spirulina and fenugreek provide a great supply of plant proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants promoting weight gain.
  • 100% natural marine biopolymerics provide all the nutrients involved in the protection of joints.
  • Hepatic system is supported by the burdock root known for its detoxifying effects
  • Ginkgo Bilbao helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Digestion is improved by the rich input of fenugreek and brewer’s yeast, maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.


Equine application area :

Dietary supplement for the support of the ageing horse’s organism.

Directions for use :

Should be administered in the daily ration :
– Adult horse : 1/2 measure (30gr)
– Adult pony :1/4 measure (15gr)

Minimal intake period : 1 month.
This natural product for horses can be used on a daily basis.

1 kg of product allows a 4 weeks daily treatment for an adult horse and 8 weeks treatment for an adult pony.

This complementary feed contains spirulina , therefore it is recommended to begin treating with half of the advised volume the first week, and the whole volume the following week.

Senior Plus Key ingredients :

Wheat middlings – Lithothamnium – Spirulina – Brewer’s Yeast – Fenugreek – Fucus Vesiculosus – Ginkgo Bilbao – Burdock Root – Marine biopolymerics – Dextrin – Sugar

Composition analytique :
Sodium 0,27%
Calcium 11,38%
Magnesium <1,00%
Crude protein 10,70%
Crude fat 3,20%
Crude fiber 4,60%
Crude ash 33,60%
Additives par Kg :
Vitamins :
3a700-Vitamin E 15 000ppm
3a300-Vitamin C 40 000ppm
Antioxydants :
E310-Propyl gallate 13ppm
E321-BHT 13ppm
Preservatives :
E330-Citric acid 3,9ppm
Anti-caking agents :
E563-Sepiolite clay 670ppm

Equine competition :

Every batch of product is analysed by the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH).

NDS-Nacricare-2019.png This logo ensures the absence of raw materials considered doping by the race code and the FEI in the product.

Safety precautions :

Equine complementary feed.
Keep in a dry place at room temperature, away from light. Close after use. Keep away from children.


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