Saddlecloth Storage Solution


Protect and organise your saddlecloths

store up to 20 saddlecloths

waterproof and machine washable

Bags come labelled

4 colours to choose from

Add personalisation


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Do you LOVE matchy sets? Have you got a collection that needs storing and protecting?


Saddlecloth storage bags  – If you have a lot of saddlecloths, or even different types of saddlecloths then this is the set for you. The bags come in DRESSAGE, JUMP, GP or CC and you can have 2 of the same bags or 2 different ones, it all depends on how you want to store your saddlecloths.

These bags have either DRESSAGE JUMP CC GP written on the small front flap, on the Left Hand Side of the handle, so they can be easily read when stacked on a shelf or stood up in a box.

They hold all types of saddlecloth. Each bag will hold up to 10 saddlecloths (dependant on thickness) and they also have a handy carry handle. As the bags are waterproof they can be stored anywhere, on racking, shelving, stacked on the floor, in the lorry or trailer. They are also dust proof, dirt repellent and machine washable.

We have a full range of matching storage bags for rugstravel boots and show rugs available, So now your love of matchy can extend to your tack room too.

Dimensions – 75 x 65 x 10 cm


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Black, Blue, Forest Green, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red

Bag Type

2 x CC, 2 x Dressage, 2 x GP, 2 x Jump, CC and GP, Dressage and CC, Dressage and GP, Dressage and Jump, Jump and CC, Jump and GP