Hay Bags



  • Super Smart
  • Stylish
  • Constructed from hardwearing Tarpauline PVC
  • Choice of colours to match your kit
  • Easy to use
  • Limit mess on lorry/trailer
  • Great for windy days
  • Hold lots
  • Can be used with or without haynet
  • Easy to fill

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Practicality meets style. These stylish hay bag have been crafted from super strong and hard-wearing tarpaulin. They are designed to be used on the yard as well as the lorry or trailer. They will minimise hay spillage and catch the seeds in the bottom of the bag. Use them on the lorry or trailer to make it easier to sweep out, especially when small bits get strapped in the rubber matting rivits, which over time can cause grass to start growing. On the yard they are perfect for when grooming outside and also help prevent hay wastage. They can be used inside the stable for horses or ponies that struggle eating from a haynet.

The bags open up wide and are super easy to fill, you either place the hay directly inside the bag or put it in a haynet first, then put the haynet inside the bag.

Available in a variety of colours

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Grey/white logo, Blue/tan, Red / White Zig Zag, Purple / White, Pink/White, Blue, Pink, Navy/burgundy


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