Handmade wooden saddle racks



Suitable for all types / styles of saddle
Prevents pressure points and denting to saddle panels
Allows air flow and ventilation around the saddle
Finished in 2 coats of wood oil
Curved edges
Handmade in the UK
19 cm W x 37 cm H x 55cm L


These beautiful wooden saddle racks are handmade in the uk from oak.

The racks are designed to allow air to flow around the saddle and provide ventilation. The racks can be used with any style of saddle.

Wooden saddle racks are a much better choice for storing your saddle, as the flat weight bearing surface allows an even distribution, stopping the saddle from being marked or dented by pressure points from bars.

The racks are sanded down and have curved edges.

They are finished with 2 coats of high quality wood oil.

The dimensions are 19 cm W x 37 cm H x 55cm L

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