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If you are a collector of rugs, or just have a lot of horses these are the bags for you. They are not only beautiful to look at, they are mega practical too. Hardwearing, waterproof, machine washable, carry handle and they come labelled.
These bags are designed to save you time, space and money. They will revolutionise the way you store your rugs and keep everything organised and protected.
They will protect your rugs from:

Sun fade

As well as making everything super easy to find when its needed.

These rug bags are huge and will hold loads of rugs. We have 6 x 6’9 rugs in one bag – yes that is heavyweights with necks. If you want to see exactly how many rugs they hold check out the videos on our fb page demonstrating us filling the bags.

This is a set of 2 rug bags, one labelled FIELD the other labelled STABLE. Sorting, protecting and organising all of your rugs in one go.

We have also created a handy size guide showing how many rugs of each size the bags will hold. You can view it here:

Rug bag size guide

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