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A smaller rug bag designed to protect your lightweight rugs and fleeces as well as fly rugs and masks.  They are extremely hard-wearing and ideal for storing rugs on the lorry or in the trailer, also perfect for fly rugs in regular use.  They will hold 2-3 rugs and masks.

The bags come labelled on the front so you know exactly what is inside. due to their size, smart style and carry handle it is very easy to carry your rugs in them without it getting twisted up and you falling over the buckles and straps.

We can personalise the bags, or add any text you wish to the front, so if you are an eventer with lots of kit we can annotate each bag differently to help you stay organised throughout quick equipment changes. If the bags get muddy or dirty, simply pop them through the washing machine.

They are also big enough to accommodate one large heavyweight rug – for example a turnout or stable rug instead. if you prefer storing your rugs individually.

overall a very handy bag to have as part of your equipment.

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Fly Rugs, Fleeces, Show, Exercise Sheets

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