Preparing for Covid-19

A t the moment it is a time of great uncertainty, with no one sure of what will happen next, or when it will happen. This not knowing can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety about what we will do and how we will manage.

The best thing we can do at the moment is to plan ahead and get systems in place should we find ourselves in a position where we are unable to do our horses.

It appears that if the country goes into lockdown we will still be allowed to attend to our horses, so we will cover that scenario and measures we can put in place in another blog. This blog is giving som useful tips for what to do in the event you become ill and are unable to do your horse.

  1. Put together a file with all your horses details in. Include a copy of their passport, farrier, vet, dentist and pysio details as well. Include a list of what feeds they have and amounts as well as their daily routine and any medication they need. Don’t forget to annotate if they need boots on in the field or a certain rug at night etc. Put all of this together in a file and leave with your yard owner or in your tack room, so that in the event you need someone to step in all the details are there ready to go. Have a look at our passport holders for keeping everything together and organised, w can also personalise them with your horses name and your contact details.
  2. Make sure you organise your tack room and put away any non essentials, try and leave out the things your horse needs on a daily basis and if needed label them, so that other people can quickly and easily identify rugs and boots as well as medication etc
  3. Speak to your yard owner and find out if they will take over care of your horse and switch them to a full livery package, remember to find out the cost and if they will also be able to provide feed and bedding, or will you still have to order your own. If money is tight ask if there is an option of a payment plan and get it sorted out in writing too – so everyone knows where they stand.
  4. If your yard does not offer full livery or you are keeping your horses at home, and you will need to sort out your own cover speak to people now and get measures put in place. See if you can buddy up with a friend on the yard to do each other horses if needed. Don’t forget to have a back up option incase you both fall ill at the same time. If you are going to have an outsider groom service on standby make sure you meet them first and show them around everywhere and make sure they know where your stuff is, and which horse is yours. Also get in writing the exact service they will be providing and how much it will cost, also sort out how you will be paying them. Don’t forget to find out if they have a backup service incase they get ill too.
  5. Look at how you can simplify your horses routine to make life easier, can you now start to leave them unrugged? Are they able to live out and just be checked once a day? Can you switch the bed to deep litter? Will they need to be exercised? Where possible cut back and simplify things to make it easier if someone else does need to step in.
  6. Speak to your hay, feed and bedding suppliers. See if you can get deliveries to your yard and get them booked in, this will allow your suppliers to gage how much stock they need and keep levels up, as well as meaning you won’t run out of supplies or be panicking about buying supplies if you are ill.
  7. Keep a track of the days someone else did your horse for you and make sure to repay them the favour at a later date when you are feeling better.

These are just a few tips we have put together to give you some ideas of how to be prepared in case it is needed. We hope all of you are doing ok and want you all to stay safe. If you have any measures in place or ideas to help please do share them with us.

The Tidy Tack Rooms Team

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