Behind the Brand: Tidy Tack Rooms

In the world of equestrianism, it's often the smallest challenges that can be the most persistent.

And for me, amidst all the joys of riding, it was the persistent issue of tack disorganisation that stood out.

The Origin

In a life marked by a decade in the Army and roles as a professional groom, the seeds of Tidy Tack Rooms were sown many years before I bought them to life. Frequent relocations taught me to condense and pack substantial amounts of kit efficiently, cultivating a blend of aesthetic and organisational excellence. It was the pursuit of elegance and refined simplicity that kept the idea of storage solutions in my mind.

The Spark

As I travelled the world as
a professional groom, I encountered tack rooms of all shapes and sizes, but it was a moment in Olympia, 2014 that truly spurred me into action. As I stood surrounded by an abundance of equestrian gear, it
brought a realisation — space was a dwindling resource. The clutter of saddle cloths and overcrowded tack rooms ignited a desire — a need for a sleek, organised solution; a need for Tidy Tack Rooms.

Tidy Tack Rooms isn’t merely a business; it's a fusion of my passions: horses and organisation. It’s about crafting spaces that aren’t just functional, but also reflect the heart and soul of every rider.

The Challenges

Our journey commenced with
considerable challenges. Finding UK-based manufacturing that aligned with our values and could meet demand was a significant obstacle. However, persistence led to a meaningful partnership with a remarkable manufacturer, overcoming the hurdles of quality and delivery delays that plagued our initial endeavours.

The Evolution

Starting with imported plastic storage bags, the business evolved through trials, driven by a vision for environmentally friendly, durable, and aesthetic products. The shift to UK manufacturing enabled us to expand our range, reduce our carbon footprint, and offer versatile designs, meeting the diverse needs of equestrians globally.

The Impact

From organising tack rooms
across the UK to designing custom solutions in Italy, the influence of Tidy Tack Rooms has been vast and varied. Our products have been embraced by a diverse clientele, including Olympians and everyday riders, often described as
'life-changing'. It's the heartfelt messages and the evident impact on our customers' equestrian lives that fuel our passion and pride.

The Aspirations

Our vision extends beyond being
the premier organisational solution for equestrians in the UK. We aspire to broaden our product line, introduce rider luggage, and continue aiding equestrians in maximising tack room space. Our mission is to foster and grow our
worldwide community of organised equestrians, continually evolving to meet the myriad needs and aspirations of riders everywhere.

Our Promise

Every product and tack room transformation speaks of dedication to quality, functionality, and a touch of British elegance. Proudly handmade here in the UK, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each item serves its purpose while exuding style. But beyond the products, we represent a community. It's about connecting equestrians who value the thrill of the ride and an organised space.