The Journey So Far

Sat Nav – 2009 – 2016
My once in a lifetime horse. He taught me everything and owes me nothing.

Naperville I had never even heard of Matchy Matchy until December 2013. I can still clearly remember the first set that i brought. It was the bennetton blue CC saddlecloth and matching bandages from the Lemieux stand at Olympia, closely followed a few minutes later by the Eskadron Platinum saddlecloth, bandages and show rug. Just like that my addiction was born. It wasnt really my fault, my beautiful boy looked good in everything. I carried on collecting saddlecloths, boots, bandages and ear veils and very soon had an impressive collection and no where to store it. They do take up an awful lot of room. Plus they got dusty, damp and a couple got chewed by mice. I could also never find the matching bandages. I was complaining about this to my dad and said surely there must be a better way to store this stuff. After speaking to others i knew i was not alone in this situation and set out on a mission to find a solution, and Tidy Tack Rooms was established. From the beginning i wanted products that were not only beautiful but practical as well. The sort of thing that the more you use it, the more you like it. One of those items that you have and just think ‘that is such a good idea’.

The foundation of the business is Customer service, we fully recognise the customers are the most important part of the business and therefore the priority. I don’t want to just sell products to people i want to help them get the most out of their tack rooms. I do truly believe by having a tidy organised tack room it does make you calmer, less stressed and save you time.

Having owned and worked with horses all my life i am very experienced in how much equipment they need, how that equipment needs to be looked after and how hard it can be to find ways of storing it and transporting it all. I have been in large shared tack rooms right through to my own private tack room and I have tested many different ways of storing, protecting and moving tack and equipment.

The products we design and stock are all used and tested extensively by me first, if i don’t love it we don’t stock it. When selecting the products i look for quality materials and workmanship, i also spend time getting to know the manufactures, and ensuring we can work well together. The products have to serve a purpose,be easy to use, hard wearing and bring value to the tack room. Above all they have to make me smile and feel good about using them. This stringent selection process means we can provide you with the best shopping experience and the best products to suit your lifestyle. As well as advise on the best product to fulfil your needs.

The best part of Tidy Tack Rooms is the fantastic customers, many of whom we call friends. We love hearing about what you what you have been up to, how your horses are getting on and we love seeing and talking to you at trade shows.

We are very excited about the future of Tidy Tack Rooms as we progress into out third year, we have lots of exciting new products to introduce to you all, as well as lots of ways of thanking you for you support. It really means the world to us that you have chose to come with us on our journey and help our business to grow. Now lets get those Tack Rooms Tidy……………

buy Lyrica india There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse. 

~Robert Smith Surtees, “Chapter XXX: Bolting the Badger,” Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour, 1853