Organise your tack room and change your life.

5 reasons why having an organised tack room is so important:

1. It reduces stress – A calm organised environment = a calm and organised mind. Messy, cluttered and dirty areas are not only chaotic to look at they also cause stress levels to go up. That is before you have even started trying to find something that you need in that area. Having a tidy organised tack room will significantly lower your stress levels when you are in there. Putting you in the right frame of mind for spending time with your horse.

2. It saves time – and lots of it ‘for every minute spent organising, an hour is gained’. When you are no longer spending ages rooting about in boxes and on shelves to find what you need, you have lots of extra time to spend with your horse.


3. It saves money – Knowing what you have got and where it is, stops you from having to buy replacements because you cant find what you are looking for, or finding it is broken or unusable, because it has not been stored properly. Also by know what you have, you know what you need. Allowing you plenty of time to get things in advance and take advantage of seasonal sales, without having to panic buy and pay extra for faster deliveries.

4. It increases Productivity – When you are in a disorganised environment your brain gets distracted by everything it’s taking in. This lack of focus increases the time it takes to accomplish the most basic tasks. Like getting your tack together, or trying to bulk prepare feeds and hay-nets. Creating a system and routine will make day to day life easier and allow you to focus on what matters most.

5. Help you achieve your riding goals – Why? Because accomplishing your goals is about creating systems and sticking to them. A daily or weekly routine, a consistent application of even small habits, will transform your life. make your riding dreams a reality and put some organised systems and routines in your tack room.

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Are you now inspired to start organising and creating your perfect system? Check out the Starter Sets for the perfect way to begin.

Cassie x

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