New to Organising

We fully understand that at the beginning it can be completely overwhelming, where do you start? What do you need? Where should you put everything? What products will work best? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

Do not worry, here at Tidy Tack Rooms we have created a system to get you started and beat the overwhelm

Introducing the

Simple Stress-free Storage System



This is where you clear, categorise and clean.



Now to decide retain, release or refuge



Choose the style you like and the system you will use



Plan, purpose and position so you create a tack room and system that flow



This is where you utilise your passion and the process you created to practice keeping your dream tack room tidy and organised until it becomes an automated process.

By breaking it down and using this simple and easy to follow method you can make sure you are only storing equipment you need, in a system that has been designed to work with you. It also means you are purchasing the correct type and amount of storage items, saving you time, space and money. Whilst lowering stress and helping you to focus and enjoy your horse, knowing your kit is being protected and correctly cared for.

To help you decide what products you need and how many we have got the tack room inventory sheets which can be found here:

Sorting you kit and filling these out first will make sure you know exactly what you have and exactly what you need to store it. You can add any writing you want to your bags and we also offer a label changing service so you can update your bags as your needs change.

With a huge range of colours and the customizer so you can design your own bags, you can create a style and system bespoke to you and your needs.

If you need more help or even a done for you service, we have a range of in person services to assist you in maximising your space, creating a calm, clutter free environment and designing your dream tack room.

If you are ready to get tidying and organising, we have put together starter kits to get you taking the first step on your journey they can all be found here:

Remember if it’s all feeling a bit much just start small, pick 1 shelf or 1 set of rugs, maybe begin with your grooming kit or car boot.

For more storage and tack room ideas check out the blog, which is packed full of top tips and tack room hacks.