How to clean your riding hat

Quick an easy way to clean your riding hat using household items You will need

  • Plastic pot
  • Small amount of warm water
  • A brush
  • A hoover
  • Stiff brush
  • Bicarbonate of soda

Step 1 – Put the warm water in the plastic pot and add the bicarbonate of soda to it, until it forms a very thick paste.

Step 2 – Using the brush paint the paste all over the inside of the hat in a thick layer – make sure the paste is not too wet, as you do not want to get the foam inside your hat really wet.

Step 3 – leave the paste layer to throughly dry. Leave the hat in an even temperatures environment away from heat sources, windows and direct sunlight. NEVER dry your hat on a radiator, heater or in direct sunlight, as this can cause damage to the internal structures and compromise the protection.

step 4 – Using the stiff brush, brush off all the paste from the inside of the hat, then go over it with the hoover, until all the paste has been removed.

Step 5 – Give the inside of the hat and the harness a wipe over with antibacterial wipes.

Step 6 – finished, put your clean hat away.

Make sure you check the fit of the harness is correct after cleaning,before you ride, as the harness can get loosened off during the cleaning process. To keep your hat clean wipe it over with antibacterial wipes after every ride, if you ride in make up, use make up remover wipes to prevent staining.

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