Handy Hints and tips for staying away at competitions and clinics

So following on from the packing blogs, this one is here to give you some tack room hacks for when you are away at competitions etc.

Make up each of your horses feeds at home in zip lock bags, then you only to take one feed bucket and you can keep the bags after use for the next show.

Pack your wellies whatever the weather – showgrounds get very muddy very quickly after only a small amount of rain

Always take rugs for your horse – the weather can change very quickly and it does get cold overnight even in summer

Bring plenty of drinks and cook your own meals whenever possible – this will help keep the cost down, as food at shows is usually quite expensive – especially if you are there for a few days.

Remember to put a contact card on your horses stable door, so you can be reached if needed.

Keep your wash kit all together in one bag – make sure your flip flops are in there too. It makes it much easier to carry one bag to the shower than lots of bottles.

Once settled at the show get your kit unpacked and sorted into areas, if you are getting changed into your competition gear in the horse area, bring a towel to stand on to stop marks getting on your white breeches.

Set your bed up ready and get your pj’s in there too – makes it much easy if you are getting back to your sleeping area in the dark.

Place a torch and spare batteries in an easy to reach location

Take lots of insect repellent

Bring warm kit to sleep in  – the temperature does drop at night

Don’t forget your pillow

Bring a table and chairs as it is really handy to have somewhere to sit and put things

Bring empty plastic bags to put your dirty washing it – stops the clean getting mixed up and also makes it easy to unpack when you get home.

Labelled kit bags make everything easier, you can find a great selection here, or you can make your own. IKEA do great big bags that you write on with permanent pen.

Put your name on everything, so it does not get mixed up with anyone else’s kit

A tack trolley is a godsend for getting everything from the lorry to the horse in one trip, we have a fantastic one here that fold flat when not in use. You can also use your wheelbarrow, but make sure you have washed it out after mucking out in to it first.

Make a list of all your classes and their times, days and rings. On arrival at the showground have a good look around and find all your rings, and their warm up areas. Make a note of how long it takes to get to each one, and also if there are rules on who can be in the warm up – sometimes it is only the next 15 competitors for example.

Find out the times of the arena or course walks

Check in at the secretaries office to book in and be updated of any changes etc

Take a skip bucket for evening skipping out and quick muck outs

Most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.


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