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http://parkfarmshoot.co.uk/ Here are the answers to our top 10 most frequently asked questions.

where to buy Quetiapine by cod 1. How many rugs fit in the big bags ? LOTS, I have got 6 x 6’6 heavyweight rugs with necks in ONE bag. For 7′ rugs its around 4 and smaller rugs you are looking at 7+ depending on size.

http://yesand.co.uk/contact-us/ 2. How do you fit in that many rugs ? its all in the folding  check out the FB page for videos on how to fold different types of rugs.

how to get gabapentin online 3. Do the bags come labelled ? YES they come labelled as standard, what you see in the photo is what you get.

4. How many letters of personalisation can i add and how can i tell you what personalisation i want? As many as you want, there is no limit. For lots of words or letters we recommend putting it on the top flap. You can pop the personalisation in the notes box at checkout, email it over, message us on FB or Instagram. But Please do not worry if you have not put down the personalisation, we will text or call you and ask, BEFORE we send out your bag.

5. Can i have my bag left blank? YES you can, just let us know 

6. How many saddlecloths fit in the saddlecloth bags ? 10 thin ones or 6/7 thick ones.

7. Do the bags hold all types of saddlecloth ? Yes, each bag will hold all types so you can mix and match in one bag. The bags are all identical its just the label that is different.

8. Do you do a discount if i’m buying more than one bag ? YES, Check out the starter kits, these are ready made bag sets, that have been discounted and are cheaper than buying the bags separately.

9. Can you make me a custom bag to my own sizes? YES please get in contact with us to discuss your design 

10. What sizes are the bags ? Rug 75 x 65 x 20 cm and saddlecloth 75 x 65 x 10 cm. I f you have any queries or need any help please get in contact.