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How cute are Daisy and Millie, our two Dachshund models. Stay with me – it does get confusing because  my dog (the retriever pictured below) is also called Daisy.

Hello and welcome to today’s blog 🙂 So on this one i wanted to talk about our range of beautiful and practical dog coats.

All the coats are available in sizes 10″ – 32″ so we really do cater for all sizes and types of dogs.

These coats are great, especially if you have a bog monster like mine: Daisy – this what we call her in public, she is a terror so it varies widely at home.

The combination of pale colouring, long coat and inbred infatuation with mud are a lethal combination, especially this time of year. Even walking around the pavements still means i need to hose her off afterwards, also she has hip dysplasia and arthritis so the combination of cold and wet are not good for her.

On rainy days (which is pretty much everyday ATM!!!) i put her in our reflective dog coat, i love this coat it is a 600 denier rip-stop material with a fleece lining, elasticated back leg straps and fits really, really well. This is just the right weight for keeping her warm without her getting too hot. It is very similar to a turnout rug for a horse which is really great as Daisy love, love, loves to roll and roll – usually in grim smelly things, and this coat stays firmly in place and keeps her clean and dry.

The  coat has a strip of reflective material down the sides which is the perfect amount, without taking over the whole coat and looking garish – or like your dog is wrapped in tinfoil and ready for baking. Perfect for walks on these grey and dreary days, or for anyone who has to walk in the dark as it makes your dog noticeable to road users, or other dog walkers also walking by the medium of head torch. It also makes it very handy to locate the coat in the situation where the cupboard door has been opened and coat thrown in – on return from a walk – and then buried under coats and wellies. I myself am very familiar with this situation.

After the walk i hose her off and the pop her into our fleece coat to dry, this description makes the task sound quick and easy – it is not, and really should be one of the challenges included in Ninja Warrior or Iron Man – how to hose a writhing dog without soaking yourself.

Anyhow i digress, this coat is a really good quality lightweight fleece material that drys her really fast and keeps her warm at the same time. Again it fits really well and stays put whilst she rubs herself over everything to help with the drying process.

Both coats wash up well in the washing machine, a real bonus, i give them a quick hoover before putting in to minimise the hair and afterwards just drape over the back of a chair to dry. I dont wash the reflective one every time as that can remove the waterproof properties, and i use an in wash reproofer with it to make sure it does stay waterproof.

On a cold and dry winter day I love using our wool dog coats, these are really high quality pure wool and really smart. I always imagine they would look good on a working dog, or one that lives on a private estate in the highlands, they would fit right in with the Hunters, Barbour’s and Land Rovers. However we can not test this theory as i do not own Hunters, a Barbour or a Land Rover. However Daisy gets around this by climbing on the rockery at my parents house and standing atop the ornamental waterfall in her wool coat surveying her kingdom and looking regal (as regal as a wet, bedraggled, smelly retriever can look).

These wool coats are available in 3 colours the tartan as pictured, a blue wool which is the same as the fleece rugs (pictured above) and a pale grey wool. All have a synthetic leather trim, and elasticated back leg straps, with adjustable Velcro front and belly straps.

All our dog coats are designed to match and compliment our horse and rider ranges, so all the fur babies can be included in the matchy greatness.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and look forward to the next one where i will showcase our Diamante dog coats.

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