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Hello, so on today’s blog, which is the very first one 🙂  I wanted to introduce myself and then talk about our diamante collection.

I am Cassie the owner of Tidy Tack Rooms, and the creator of all of our matchy matchy sets. I hope you like them. My plan for the blogs is to use them to give you more information on our products and in doing so hopefully answer any questions you may have. So i will cover each product  in a series of blogs – so you can easily access the one you are interested in, without having to read everything 🙂

Today is the turn of our Diamante collection: I love this set, it is amazing and even more stunning in real life. It looks really good on every single horse that has modelled it. It is available in pony, cob and full sizes, and has a double rope binding in black and white, and a trim of two rows of diamante. The perfect amount to make it look really eye catching with out being over the top.

It is a 2 inch square quilting pattern and is slightly padded, with long loops to attach to the girth straps and also loops for the girth to pass through, ensuring the saddlecloth is held secure.  This is a really high quality and hard wearing saddlecloth. The diamante is stitched on, therefore minimising the chance of loosing one of the diamante’s.

The saddlecloth is cut to fit GP and dressage saddles, however it does come up slightly short in the depth for some dressage makes. Therefore we have ordered a dressage range, so fear not it will shortly be available in dressage cut, again in pony cob and full.

I do know that some people prefer to use boots instead of bandages- especially during these long muddy winter months or at competition when time can be tight, so we also have white furry brushing boots and overreach boots on the way, along with the schooling wraps too – catering for all tastes, again in pony, cob and full sizes.

During one of our modelling photo shoots the white diamante saddlecloth was dropped into a muddy puddle, and the bandages were slobbered on by one of the horses. So i used this opportunity to see how well they wash up, as whites are very hard to keep white – especially around horses, and we all like to look our best in crisp whites when out competing.

I am pleased to say they washed up AMAZINGLY WELL, they came out of the machine sparkling white – with no pre-wash or soaking needed, and absolutely no signs of any stains. I have attached photos so you can see how good they look after washing. The after wash photos were taking as soon as the saddlecloth cam out – whilst it was still wet.


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