Designing your tack room

Posted on 02/08/2020 by Categories: Tidy Tack Room Hacks

We have recently expanded and taken on another unit for Tidy Tack Rooms. We are going to turn this unit into our dream tack room and show room, and i am more than excited.

I have always wanted my own tack room that i can design from scratch and to be able to start with a blank canvas is amazing. I am now in the process of deciding how to decorate and set up the tack room.

There are lots of things to consider when deciding how to set it up. Firstly you need to know what it is you are going to be storing in there. Is it just tack, or will there also be feed and rugs etc too.

To help with this i have made a list of the thing I need to store in the tack room, that way as i am designing the space and the storage i can tick off each item once it has a home, this way i can be sure i haven’t missed anything off. I have also included my list of must have things i want in the Tack Room. This includes wooden saddle racks, separate wooden bridle racks, a free standing saddle rack for tack cleaning, a table and couch and some beautiful artwork.

Once you know what you need to store and the other must have items the next step is to decide on the look you are going for with your tack room. Are you aiming for a country cottage with upcycled furniture and floral patterns, industrial chic with metal and wire shelving and storage cages, rustic wood with built in wooden shelving. Open plan with everything on racks or cupboards with no doors etc. There are many options and they will all come down to your individual taste as well as what you are storing, and the size of the room you are using.

Smaller spaces are more suited to open plan shelving as you can fit more in, and you dont need to worry about allowing space for opening cupboard doors etc, bigger spaces can accommodate room for a ladder which then opens up the option of floor to ceiling bespoke cabinets. Also think about the longer term, will you be expanding your yard and then needing to rearrange the tack room? if this is a possibility look at using free standing shelving and units to make sure you can move them around to fit with your changing needs.

Now when you are designing the space there are lots of factors to consider, firstly look at where the doorways and windows are located and make sure they will not be blocked or obstructed, so when looking for where to hang the saddle racks make sure they are not going to be too close to the door, don’t forget to make sure that there is enough space to full open and close the doors. Drawing out a floor plan and using this to plan the layout is a really usfule exercise in the early planning stages, as it will highlight any major issues that may have been missed int he planning stages.

Next You can lay out the furniture sizing first by putting tape onto the floor and walls to see how much space you have available to use.There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Tape out the are you want to allocate to each piece of furniture or use/zone, then measure it and use these measurements to select the furniture that will fit.
  2. Choose the furniture first and get the measurements then tape out the size and location on the floor of the tack room,to see if they will all fit, if there are any obstructions, or hard to reach places being created and also allow you to test the space and flow of the room before committing to buying any furniture.

I would advise you to hold off on all the little finishing touches at this stage, such as storage bags and boxes etc and get the big items of furniture in the tack room and in place, then start looking at what other smaller storage items you will need.

By doing it this way you can save yourself considerable time and money, as you can see exactly what you need and the available space you have to use, you can then also make sure it matches with the rest of your tack room, and functions for you.

I would also recommend that when you are designing and planning everything make sure you allow space for labels. Having everything stored away and labelled makes it so much easier to use, especially if someone else is doing your horse for you. You can make your own labels by using a label maker machine or you can have ones made up by a company, Etsy is a good place to look. Another simple way is to get some chalkboard paint and pop a patch on thing to write on – this is a handy way of being able to change the wording if needed.

Once you have designed your dream tack room, make sure you enjoy it.

Cassie – Tidy Tack Rooms