Decluttering your Tack Room

It is no secret that horses come with a lot of stuff, and it can be very hard to store and organise all of this equipment. This can lead to overwhelm and street as well as wasted time looking for things and wasted money replacing things you already have but can’t find. Not to mention expensive equipment getting damaged as it has not been properly cared for. But do not worry we have put together a guide to decluttering your tack room to get you organised and on track.

  • Start by making a list of the equipment you need and use on a regular basis, that you could not be without. This is your important stuff that you need to keep at the yard.
  • Take everything you own out of the tack room and put into a huge pile, sort through and remove all of your essential items from your list you made. Now go through everything else and sort it into 3 piles. 1 – Keep 2 – sell/donate 3 – throw away. Be ruthless here, all the old rugs that don’t fit your horse but you are keeping ‘just in case, sell them or donate them,there will be horses out there that they do fit, who can get use from them. Do this for everything, tack, head collars, boots, bandages and saddlecloths etc
  • Once everything has been sorted into piles look at what you have left to keep, and then look at the space you have available to keep it in. Now you want to utilise all of that available space, one of the best ways to do this is by using the height. Racking is your new best friend. You can buy it cheaply from eBay, amazon, wowcher or groupon. most DIY shops also have it in stock. Put the least used or seasonal items on the highest shelves, them the most used items at eye/waist level, use the bottom shelves for heavy items. It is also worth putting the items on the lower shelves into plastic boxes swell, to help prevent mice and rats etc.
  • Clearly label all the bags and boxes you have stored things in so you know exactly where everything is without having to root through.
  • Try and store similar equipment together for ease of use. For example saddlecloths and bandages, fly rugs, fly masks and fly spray, overreach boots and brushing boots, your whip, hat and gloves.
  • if you are short on space think about other places you could store seasonal equipment, such as keeping winter rugs in the lorry or trailer, or your garage, loft or shed. again make sure to put them in clearly labelled bags or boxes and put a reminder note somewhere for yourself, so you know where to find them when you need to use them. If you can, look at getting some storage outside of your stable for essential items such as turnout boots, overnight bandages, grooming kit etc.
  • Make sure you assign all of your equipment a set place and make sure you put it away after each use. This will ensure you keep everything tidy, organised and accounted for. Saving time, space and making life much easier.

We hope these tips will help you to get your tack room more organised and under control.

The tidy tack rooms team

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