Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Part 3

Gifts over £150

The mini Travel Case. This has graced many Christmas lists and its easy to see why. Beautifully designed and easy to use, the mini travel case is the only accessory you need when going away with or with out your horse. Th movable shelves will hold so much equipment from clothes, riding hats to brushing boots and stirrups. The straps and mesh cover on the other half are a perfect fit for riding boots, back protectors, rugs or saddlecloths. With loads of extra pockets and a whip holder on the outside there really is a place for everything. The mini travel case can be carried like a back pack or put onto a trolley and pulled along. Available in a variety of designs £185

The Travel Bag – This is the mini’s big brother. Designed to carry a full set of tack – event eh saddle, and yes they do hold dressage saddles, there is also one for a western saddle. The Travel case will hold everything you need for riding your horse. A set of tack, boots, saddlecloth, rugs, quarter sheets, hat, rider boots and more. The large pockets on the outside allow for all those last minute bits to be added quickly and easily. It can be carried as a back pack or put on the trolley that comes with it. The trolley can also be used for moving bedding and water etc. The travel case is fully waterproof and also has a cover to go over it too. It fits nicely in the car or front of a trailer, and is a great alternative to a tack locker. Available in a variety of designs £295
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