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The Compact Tack Room

When it comes to storage on a yard space is always at a premium. Horses come with a lot of kit and there is not always enough space to store it all.

On livery yards its very common to get a small area in a shared tack room, sometimes its only a small space under your saddle rack, or maybe an individual cupboard. These smaller areas can quickly become overwhelmed with stuff and it can start spilling out into other liveries spaces and the walkways. You might also find yourself wasting a lot of time looking for kit.

I often see equestrians try to solve the problem by buying a big storage box and throwing everything inside, so whilst this does clear the problem of stuff everywhere it does not address the issues of where everything is and how you can easily find it when needed. Often with boxes stuff tends to start building up on top and in a very short space of time the clutter and overwhelm is back with a vengeance.

So how do you solve this problem and maximise your storage and space?

  • Have a good clear out – this is always the starting point. Go through everything and see if you have kit you no longer need or use, that you can get rid of.
  • Prioritise your kit – does it all need to be in your tack room? can you store rugs elsewhere? the big box you bought to solve all your storage woes, can you move that to another area – the hay barn or outside your stable, and put all your rugs in there?
  • Shelving – this works so much better in a small space, look at the IKEA Bror range for good sized shelves that fit small spaces
  • Look at how you use you kit and store it together in bags, so you can just grab and go. Rather than having to gather kit from a few different areas
  • Label everything so you can quickly and clearly see where it is
  • Bulk prep your riding kit for the week and pack it in order in a kit bag, then each day just grab the one bag and you are good to go
  • Make sure everything has a place and its easy to get out and put away, clutter forms when putting stuff away is too hard or it doesn’t have a place to go.
  • Do regular mini resets to keep on top of everything.
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