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How To Keep Your Tack Mould Free

One of the biggest struggles equestrians face in winter is mouldy tack, suddenly every piece of leather you own is covered.

We have put together a handy guide to help you keep your tack mould free – all winter.

Step 1 – Clean, give your tack a really good scrub with a leather cleaner – do not use water, when its clean give it a good condition with saddle soap

Step 2 – Store, In use tack put bridles in a bridle bag and add in some dehumidifier sachets (you can buy these in bulk on eBay and Amazon) for in use saddle use a fleece lined waterproof saddle cover or a material cover with a waterproof one on top, again you can pop in some dehumidifier sachets. Change the sachets over every week or so when you clean your tack.

Spare or unused tack – bridles leave apart and put into pillow cases (you can get cheap ones in pound land, B&M, Wilkinsons etc) with a couple of dehumidifier sachets, and then put into a plastic box or a bridle bag. If possible store it at home in a wardrobe or cupboard – anywhere with a fairly even temperature, as this stops the leather drying out. If you are storing it in a tack room make sure you check it every couple of weeks and change out the dehumidifiers. You can also put in a big plastic box dehumidifier too – if you have room.

Spare saddles again use a fleece lined saddle cover or 2 separate covers – one fleece one waterproof and again add the dehumidifier sachets, if possible move to a warm, dry location – spare / downstairs toilets are a great place , especially if you love a themed room!!!! If its staying in the tack room, check regularly and swap the dehumidifier sachets over.

Mould is caused by damp, so you need to keep your tack room as dry as possible and the temperature as steady / even as possible. Plug in heaters and dehumidifiers are great for this if you have the resources available to use – make sure to use a circuit breaker and a timer and never leave them unattended. If you are not able to use these, the plastic dehumidifier pots are a great alternative, dot a few around your tack room and swap them over for new ones every few weeks.

Make sure you keep wet rugs and coats etc out of the tack room, use a designated drying area for damp / wet kit – including sweaty saddle pads, as this will also help to keep the damp and mould at bay.

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