Gift Guide - The Organised Equestrian

Gift Guide - The Organised Equestrian

Everything has a place and everything in it's place it the motto of the Organised Equestrian. But it can leave you stuck on what to gift them, they hate clutter and love practical gifts, but usually buy what they need when they need it.......

We have put together a list of perfect gifts for The Organised Equestrian in your life.

1. Passport Holder - Keep all those important documents together, organised and protected. Ready to grab and go when needed. The come labelled and you can add personalisation for that special touch.

2. Saddle Pad Storage Bags - Declutter and free up space in the tack room, plus make taking saddlepads to competitions or clinics really easy. In a range of colours to match all their kit, handy labels and the option to add personalisation these storage bags really are a great gift for and Organised Equestrian.

3. The Kit Bag - Make packing, storing and moving kit so easy - now they can do it all in one trip. Your Organised Equestrian will LOVE the kit bag, big enough to carry all the essentials and small enough to fit in the car boot. They will wonder how they managed without one. 

4. The Tack Room Set - A really smart coordinated set of storage bags to organise and store everything in the tack room, give your Organised Equestrian the tack room of their dreams with a labelled, matching set of storage.

5. Gift Voucher - Let them choose their very own system for organising and get them a voucher. They vouchers are sent digitally and are the perfect last minute gift or stocking filler.

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