DOOM (Didn't Organise Only Moved) Piles - The Solution

DOOM (Didn't Organise Only Moved) Piles - The Solution






We have all done it, created piles around the yard, car, tack room and home of these piles of stuff we are going to sort out but later. Slowly these piles build up - Clutter breeds clutter and we get overwhelmed and can't find anything.

PSA - these piles are 1000% worse with young children, they are naturally inquisitive and get everything out, the toy box being upended sparks fear into the heart of every parent. So go easy on yourself, raising little's is tough, and mess is all part of the journey.

Right back to DOOM piles. 

It can be tempting to go in guns blazing and have a good clear out and declutter, I do not discourage this but doing it on a large scale usually leads to motivation running out and it not getting finished, also the get rid pile never leaves and the tip runs never get completed as the motivation is gone, se we end up shoving stuff anywhere to get it away so we can finish.

A much more sustainable way is to do short bursts on a smaller scale - yes its takes longer, but you get a much better result and its much more sustainable.

If you are doing it in your house start with one room and break it down - for example the bedroom. Do the wardrobe first, then next time do the drawers, next time under the bed storage etc 

for the yard and tack room do items - the reason being at home we store items together, all our clothes in the wardrobe, all our shoes on a rack or box together etc At the yard items are stored based on use, so they are not necessarily always together. So you could do all the rugs in your stable, but then later fins another big pile in the barn and start trying to store and tidy 2 separate pile of rugs, most of which are duplicates, broken, dont fit and are not used.

So start by picking you item - lets stay with rugs

1. Get ALL your rugs together - every single one, raid the barn, tack room, garage, shed loft, cousins friends mums house etc and get them together. 

2. Split into piles - Turnout, stable, riding waterproof, riding warm, lunging / walker, hi viz etc.

3. Split the piles into weights - Heavyweight, Medium weight and Light weight.

4. Go through the piles and remove anything that is broken or doesn't fit and sort into sell, gift / donate or throw away.

5. Now go through your lightweight, medium and heavyweight piles  - I am sure there will be duplicates and rugs that haven't been used in years. BE HONEST, keep what you need. I guarantee your horse does not need 20 rugs. Only keep the stuff you need and use. 

6. now you know what you are keeping plan where you will store it - remember rugs are seasonal so give them a place to go when not in use. You don't want rugs hung in stables all summer gathering dust and spiders.

The Rug storage bags are designed for this, the large bags hold up to 6 big rugs in each bag, they are waterproof, machine washable and they stack. They also come labelled so you can pack away your winter rugs, save space in the tack room and know exactly where they are when you next need them.

Now you can repeat this process for all your other kit, really take time to look at areas where these DOOM piles build up and look at whats in them - if its kit you dont need or use then get rid of it. You will honestly feel so much better.

Below are more storage options for other items and areas of the yard and tack room. The storage bags also work great in the house for spare bedding, towels, summer gear, winter gear etc and we can change the labels so you still know exactly whats in each bag.

Car, wellies, riding kit (hat, boots back protector), outside stable, The trailer - The Kit Bag 

Grooming kit, First aid kit, plaiting kit - Grooming Kit Bags

Rugs - Rug Storage Bags

Saddle Pads - Saddle Pad Storage Bags

Horse Boots and Bandages - Horse Boot Bags

The Lorry - Competition Kit

The Tack Room - The Tack Room Set

Travel Kit - Travel Boot Bags


Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon including an essentials list, grooming kit maintenance and detailed ideas on how to store all your equestrian kit.

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