Beat the overwhelm when tidying your tack room

Posted on 14/08/2020 by Categories: Tidy Tack Room Hacks

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your tack room and don’t know how to organise it. Start small, take 10 minutes and just do 1 shelf, or box, or grooming bag.
Throw away anything you don’t use or that’s broken or out of date. Give the things you are keeping a quick wipe over to clean and put it away making sure it has a space to go.
Every time you use anything from the tidied area make sure you put it away properly.
Focus on keeping and maintaining that one area until it becomes habit, then choose another small area and repeat the process.
Small changes add up to big shifts and help it to become your new normal, so it’s a habit not a chore. Once something becomes habit it’s easy to maintain.
Just make sure it’s good habits you are forming.
If you need help and guidance to tidy your tack room check out the 21 day system we have created. It’s here and it’s completely free.
It will help you to get your tack room tidy and organised in just 10 minutes a day. 

Cassie x