Welcome to Tidy Tack Rooms, a family run business started in 2016 by Cassie and her dad Tom.  After spending 9 years in the military Cassie returned to her first passion – horses. Having owned and ridden and worked with horses for all her life. Cassie met her current horse Sat Nav in 2011. After leaving the military and relocating home to Essex Cassie was introduced to the world of matchy matchy.


After developing a mild addiction to buying matching sets, Cassie realised that storing them was going to be a problem, they take up a fair amount of room, and space is always at a premium in tack rooms after stacking the saddlecloths on shelves and putting the bandages in boxes and crates, the daily struggle with access began, you are always in the mood for using the one on the bottom, Cassie decided there must be a better more practical and space saving way to store these.


That was when she turned to her dad Tom an engineer and told him what she needed. Tom began sketching out ideas and the concept was born. Initially the storage was for Cassie however after seeing numerous Facebook posts about the struggle for storing matchy matchy Cassie and Tom thought that might be a market for this kind of product, and Tidy Tack Rooms evolved.


Never ones to do things by halves Cassie and Tom identified more equestrian storage issues and decided to address these as well, adding the Grooms Mate and the Rug Storage Box to their product lines.  Cassie then decided that if they were selling the storage, then they should really also stock the products that go inside, and so Cassie designed her own range of saddlecloths and matching bandages, which again grew to include matching dog coats and leads, travel and wool show rugs, travel boots, breeches, show shirts and belts. Allowing horses, dogs and owners to all match. In the future Cassie and Tom aim to continue addressing tack room storage problems and growing the line of canine, equine and human clothing.