Welcome to Tidy Tack Rooms.

I grew up believing that a tidy and organised environment was the key to a happy mind; when my house is a mess or the dishes are piling up next to the sink, I never quite feel content. Having toured the world as a professional groom, I’ve seen my fair share of messy tack rooms, and trust me, the same theory applies!

My passion for equine organisation really came to light following a trip to Olympia in 2014. I walked into the shopping village, and my jaw hit the floor; what was all this STUFF?! I couldn’t look away from the sea of matchy-matchy items piled high on every stand; pink, purple, green, yellow and every shade of blue you could imagine.

After much deliberation, I decided to start with the Benetton Blue from Le Mieux and it’s safe to say that I was hooked! The only downside to my growing collection was that I shared a tack room with a group of fellow matchy-matchy addicts… where on earth were we going to store it all?

One morning, I discovered the specific saddle cloth I had planned my outfit around was inevitably at the very bottom of the pile. So, while balancing the whole lot on top of my head, praying they didn’t fall, I thought to myself, “there must be a better way”…

And so Tidy Tack Rooms was born.

The Journey So Far …

From happy hackers to professional athletes, Tidy Tack Rooms helps riders across the globe go from overwhelmed and uninspired to organised and in control.

Our business is about so much more than the practical, durable storage bags you see in our store. Our mission is to banish chaos and welcome order and organisation to every rider’s experience.

If you regularly feel stressed or overwhelmed as your boots leave the mounting block, you need to pause and take a look around. Is there mess everywhere? Are you constantly losing stuff? Or are you flustered from searching for those matching bandages yet again? If any of these apply, then it’s officially time to put a new system in place.

Our revolutionary storage solutions have been designed, tested and perfected over our years in business to ensure they are the ideal size and shape to store all your horsey essentials. Perfect for restoring order to every tack room, from tiny private spaces to busy livery yards.

We are proud to be a British brand; our products are handmade right here in the UK using the Tidy Tack Rooms top-secret-fabric-formula. In addition, we finish each product with a printed label instead of embroidery as the embroidering process puts hundreds of tiny holes in the fabric, which would reverse our waterproof technology! Cool, huh?

Are you ready to eliminate stressful clutter and welcome tranquil organisation into your tack room? Click below to see our range of storage essentials.