5 easy steps to creating space in your tack room.

Posted on 25/02/2021 by Categories: Tidy Tack Room Hacks

When we talk to people about their tack rooms the most common problem is always  that it’s too small. People are always asking how can i create more space in my tack room?
I have put together a few simple steps to help you create more space and start getting your tack room to where you want it to be.

  1. Declutter – It’s no secret horses need a lot of equipment, and this is not about being minimalist. Its about being honest with yourself. Is there items and equipment in your tack room that you don’t use, have never used will never use? Is there empty packaging and wrappers, old hoof oil, saddle soap and broken tack etc? These are the things you need to declutter. This will free up space in your tack room and your mind. It is a great feeling, so be honest and declutter all those things that are holding you back and taking up space.
  2. Organise your equipment into categories – Regularly used (every day) used often ( once/twice a week) Seasonal ( Winter rugs, fly rugs. fly spray etc). Then store these items together. The ones used daily need to go in the most accessible places, think front of shelf at eye level. The second category goes in the next easy to access places, think slightly lower/higher shelves, at the back of shelves. Finally seasonal items need to be out of the way – thinks high up shelves, on top of cupboards etc. 
  3. Invest in storage items for your equipment, and then label the storage. Put things like wash kit, fly spray etc together in boxes stood up. This makes it much easier to find everything and also keeps bottles upright prevent spills. Plus if you knock a bottle it wont fall over because its supported in the box, it also stops and spills and leaks from going over your other items as its in a box, and you can easily grab the box when needed, for bathing, show prep etc. Keep rugs together in labelled bags.
  4. Use inventory sheets to keep a list of all of your equipment and where it is stored. That way you can easily check to see if you have an item or if you need to get one. Keep the sheets in an easy to reach place, or keep photos of them on your phone for a quick and easy reference, especially when you are in the tack shop.
  5. Make sure everything has a place and put everything back in its place. This will ensure your tack room stays tidy and you dont end up with lots of space wasting clutter again. Also think about other areas you can store your equipment. For example i keep all of my travel kit in the storage bags in the trailer, this saves so much room in the tack room and the kit is on hand ready when i’m using the trailer. Also see if you can keep things like therapy boots, stable bandages, heat rugs etc outside your stable, so again your are freeing up space in your tack room, and keeping your kit in the location where you use it. Creating a system that saves you time space and money.

Implementing these tips will help you to take back control of your tack room and create more space, as well as a system that works for you and helps you to perform at your best, before you have even got on your horse.
‘A Tidy Tack Room = A Tidy Mind’