3 easy ways to improve the look of your tack room.

Posted on 04/10/2020 by Categories: Tidy Tack Room Hacks

Tangzhai Are you looking for ways to quickly and easily improve the look, feel and function of your tack room? 
We have a 3 incremental upgrades you can make, that will help get you on the way to your dream tack room with minimal effort and expenditure.

Tha Maka 1. Switch to wooden saddle racks – these not only look amazing they are actually better for your saddle to sit on, as they distribute the weight evenly and prevent the flocking from being pushed out of place. With a variety on the market, there are ones to suit all tastes and budgets.

http://the-driving-academy.co.uk/services/https:/the-driving-academy.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/cropped-B51EA0FB-2475-41F5-B8D6-7D4C4CB14CD0.jpeg 2. Use matching storage bags – these are a great way to quickly and easily organise and store all your kit. Plus they look great and really help you to put your stamp on your tack room and let your personality show through.

http://trisporttrophies.com/wp-content/plugins/ultimate_vc_addons/assets/min-js/jquery-appear.min.js?ver=3.16.24 3. Dust and decobweb – its the job none of us enjoy, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Your tack room will look so go after a good dust and decobweb. It will help to make the place feel brighter and cleaner. Plus dust is really, really bad for leather – it dries it out. So limiting dust in the tack room not only improves the look, but it also lengthens the life span of your kit.

Try these ideas and let us know how you get on – we are sure you will feel a big improvement not just in your tack room but in yourself as well.

Cassie xox