Creating space and saving time

If your tack room looks more like a bomb site, rather than a temple of tidiness,
then take comfort in the fact you’re not alone. Tidy Tack Rooms are here to help.
As all owners know, having a horse means having a LOT of kit and equipment too. And as the years pass and our much-loved equine partners come and go, it just seems to multiply (or perhaps we are just hoarders!).
While a small number of us may be sufficiently well organised to keep our tack rooms looking spic, span and spotless, it’s far more likely you have way too much stuff squashed into too small a space and often find yourself wondering “now where did I put my saddle bag” “I know I’ve got one somewhere!”. That’s
where we come in.
At Tidy Tack Rooms we provide customised solutions for all your equestrian storage needs and a bespoke VIP Service to give your tack room the makeover of your dreams. No more buckets in corners full to overflowing with broken bits, no more piles of stable bandages in various states of unrolling and no more
saddles from former horses that you can’t bear to part with even though you know in your heart you’re more likely to ride a unicorn than find another horse it will fit.


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